Terms and Conditions

At Monster Cleaning Woolwich we like to do business in a fair and transparent way.

In order to do this we conduct ourselves and our day to day dealings adhering strictly to a set of rules and regulations. In business lingo these are known as service terms and conditions. We don’t like using the word ‘disclaimer’ as it implies wrongdoings and dispute – things we stay well clear of. The terms and conditions we work under are fair and unbiased.

They do not benefit or deprive one party over the other. Instead these terms and conditions regulate the rights and responsibilities of each side as party to the contractual agreement e.g. using our services. We know that going through the fine print is a nuisance but we strongly urge customers to read carefully through all the terms and conditions listed here before committing to do business with us. Understanding our service terms will save everyone a ton of potential headaches and frustration in the event of a dispute. If after reading our service conditions you are unclear about some of them by all means let us know and we will do our best to explain and clarify why and how we do things.